Republican fair of innovative ideas, technologies and projects starts in Tashkent
19 may 2015, 14:19 9059 views
Uzexpocenter opened VIII Republican fair of innovative ideas, technologies and projects.
Google Nexus 9 started selling in the Tashkent markets
07 may 2015, 13:42 1518 views
The official sales Nexus 9 tablet released by Google in conjunction with Taiwanese manufacturer of HTC smartphones started in Uzbekistan.
Wi-Fi will operate on the territory of historical and cultural sites
07 may 2015, 09:34 1350 views
Wi-Fi will soon be brought up to the territory of historical and cultural heritage, as well as public buildings and tourist activity in the Republic of Uzbekistan.
An electronic diary was created in Uzbekistan
01 may 2015, 09:25 1442 views
Programmers B. A. Saidov and U. S. Zaynutdinova from LLC «LISTIMEI» developed an electronic diary  
The number of domains «UZ» exceeded 21 thousand
30 april 2015, 12:40 1300 views
On April 28, 2015, the number of domains in «UZ» has exceeded 21 thousand.
Uzmobile GSM network launch rescheduled for April 15
08 april 2015, 14:02 2134 views
Due to the need for additional technical and commissioning works previously announced launch date of commercial operation of the network Uzmobile GSM in Tashkent and Tashkent region extended to April 15, 2015.
Uzmobile launch GSM-network on April 10
06 april 2015, 11:06 2121 views
Uzmobile GSM- network will be launched on April 10, 2015.
New invention of Uzbek scientists in agriculture
27 march 2015, 12:28 2200 views
According to the information service of the Agency for Intellectual Property, scientists from the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry named after Academician A.S.Sadikov under the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan have invented a method for determining the stability of cotton varieties to wilt. The present invention relates to agriculture, in particular, to breeding, seed production and crop production.  
Samsung to launch flexible display, cut smartphone models in 2015
26 march 2015, 11:03 4062 views
Samsung Electronics will launch a flexible display for handsets and release 25 to 30 percent less handset models next year while strengthening its low- to mid-end line-up, a senior executive said during an investors forum.
Uzbek students made the invention in wind power
25 march 2015, 10:47 2149 views
Students of the Faculty of Natural Sciences of Samarkand State University under the supervision of Associate Professor in the Department of Hydrometeorology and Landscape A.Rahmatullaev developed a map of wind resources of the region, reports
Uzbek startup goes the final of international competition
03 march 2015, 15:22 1433 views
Startup launched by Uzbek developers reached the final of the prestigious contest Startup Turkey in 2015, according to
Uzbek researchers have invented a rail milling machine
10 february 2015, 16:38 1888 views
Employees of Joint Stock Company "Almalyk Mining and Metallurgical Combine" invented rail milling machine.
Uzmobile opens a new numbering in regions
10 february 2015, 12:45 1757 views
Domestic CDMA-operator Uzmobile reported the opening of new number capacities in the country.
A new composition of dental filling invented in Uzbekistan
05 february 2015, 11:06 1593 views
Uzbekistan’s scientists have developed a new composition of the dental filling able to prevent further tooth decay. The scientists have already filed an application for the patent. Currently, the properties of the material are getting studied.
Registration of software export in Uzbekistan goes online
03 february 2015, 17:49 3153 views
Joint resolution of the State Committee of communication, information and telecommunication technologies, the Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations, Investments and Trade, State Customs Committee and the Board of the Central Bank amended the Regulation on the export and import of software
Tashkent is girdled into the optical fiber
27 january 2015, 11:07 1368 views
Branch of "Toshkent Shahar telefon tarmogi" of SC "Uzbektelecom" continues active connection of subscribers on technology of FTTB (Fiber To The Building).
Uzbekistan providers reduced tariffs for internet services
26 january 2015, 18:53 1473 views
From January 22, 2015, tariffs for Internet services (external link) for providers of Uzbekistan decreased to $251.94 for 1 Mbit/s.
Automobile industry of Uzbekistan presented its products at the exhibition in Russia
15 january 2015, 14:08 2385 views
Joint Stock Company (JSC) "Uzavtosanoat" presented domestic products at the exhibition "Automotive industry. Autocomponents 2014" in Togliatti (Russia).
Uzbek scientists have developed a вумшсуthat calculates the risk of myocardial infarction
12 january 2015, 12:44 1541 views
The first domestic calculator for risk of myocardial infarction in patients with type 2 diabetes was developed.
WhatsApp users exceeded 700 million people
09 january 2015, 09:29 1542 views
The number of active users of the service WhatsApp exceeded 700 million.